“The most valuable commodity I know of is information."

Gordon Gekko, Wall Street


Data Lake Solution

A data lake is a cost-effective big data infrastructure that can store not only structured but also semi-structured and unstructured data in any scale and format. Data scientists and data engineers can easily access and process large volumes of data at high speed. The raw data is stored in the core of the data lake and remains unchanged. While the processed and analyzed data is stored in temporary files and the results are stored in high-performance databases, such as Elasticsearch or Redis. craftworks Data Lake solutions are built on multiple Apache projects.



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Flexible, adaptable and scalable
The data lake only contains components that are needed for the specific use case of the client. This secures not only a fast scalability of the cluster but also that the tailor-made solution is easily adaptable for any integration to an existing IT platform.
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Open Source Technology
craftworks is only using independent open source technologies that were proven to be effective over the last years and are operated by large communities making sure the technology will be further developed and errors eliminated in a fast and efficient manner.
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Due to our vast experience in software development and high volume data processing with diverse algorithms, we focus on reusability in the implementation of the data lake.

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