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Digitale Strategie | Created on 27 Apr 2017

craftworks survey: which company benefits and perks matter most to you as a developer?

We at craftworks want to build a great work place for developers. Therefore we wanted to know what the most important benefits for developers are when choosing a company to work or stay with.

That’s why we’ve organised a survey based on the following 10 statements and asked developers to rank each of them from “very important – 5 points” to “not important – 1 point”:

  1. Flexible work hours or the possibility of remote work;
  2. Amazing team events like weekend hiking trips or football matches;
  3. The work devices of your choice: macbook, big screens, comfortable chairs, etc;
  4. A company that is run entirely by people with a software background;
  5. The possibility to have time to work on your own ideas;
  6. Managing your own budget for further education;
  7. Subsidies for meals & drinks;
  8. Working on challenging and not yet solved problems;
  9. Participating in hackathons & conferences;
  10. An Italian coffee machine with unlimited coffee.


Why exactly did we choose these statements?

Around 100 developers with different working experience (most of them based in Austria) participated in this survey:
Here are the results (find a PDF of the full report here):



We also asked the community if they had other ideas for benefits. Here are their answers: 

  1. “A diverse team, a good maternity leave policy, really good set up when it comes to including remote people.”
  2. “Working in an awesome, inspiring team that enables me to learn and develop myself”
  3. “As little burocracy as possible. No annoying chores on the side like bookkeeping for example.“
  4. “a good overall mood, nice colleagues, a place were you can have a break, sit, and talk to each other.”
  5. “Quiet work space. It is very  important for devs to be able to concentrate. Working with headphones is not ideal for everyone. Conference calls, meetings and sales people who talk a lot on the phone- One should be able to use a conference room dedicated for these things.”
  6.  “Respectful leadership, clear expectations from staff, no gossiping/bullying”
  7. “I just have to mention that I LOVE working remotely”
  8. “Most importantly, over all those other things, you asked: Purpose, meaning. Is the company/software of actual use to somebody? Is the work result use- and/or meaningful? Is there just enough time to get it „done“, or is quality a value within the company? Do the services/applications create revenue on their own? Is the business model sound or is it just burning the money of investors? Is innovation a integral part of the company or is it just a factory that’s being kept updated and maintained?”

We really want to build up a great team and provide an excellent place to work. For us it is important that our employees have everything they need and can focus on their work.

This is why this survey is so important to us. We hope that you’ll be able to take some valuable insight from it as well.

👌 And as a small bonus:
We also asked some experts from the IT industry about their views on this topic :

“For me personally the number one criteria is to have a quiet space to work in and get things done, whilst still
having a space to collaborate with co-workers without disturbing others” –

Felix Krause
Software Architect at Google


“Finding good developers is a big challenge for almost every startup. In the last years I have experienced many times how easily you can fail in this respect. There are two things I believe can boost your efforts however. First, organize yourself and create an environment where they can plan and work in a structured way, yet giving them room to be creative.
Second, don’t focus on on domestic mainland when it comes to hiring. The world is more connected than ever – and so are your opportunities for finding the right team members from anywhere in the world.”  –

Kambis Kohansal
Startup Mentor & Co-Founder whatchado


“We give our engineers much latitude on deciding what to work on and how to solve issues. Everyone should keep in mind what’s best for the company and act accordingly. Teamleads are there to make sure no one strays from that track and to shape the overall development effort. We try to minimize meetings, instead we use E-Mail and Slack, and focus on over-communicating to make sure everyone is on the same page. Since our team is based all over the world, from Ohio to the Ukraine, we organize a retreat twice a year where everyone meets face-to-face and gets to know their coworkers. We exchange ideas and plan what’s next.”

Martin Schürrer
Director of Engineering & Products at PSPDFKit


„Actually, as a startup, there is a lot to offer to developers or employees in general. First of all give them the opportunity to get to know your business and feel the inspirational startup atmosphere as well as the freedom they will have in your team. Let them meet their potential colleagues in order to dig into their future work, duties and responsibilities. Give the opportunity to work remote and flexible hours. In my experience, a casual and relaxed work environment with little restrictions when it comes to ideas, work style and time management as well as the opportunity to contribute to the shape/strategy of the product they are working for, is the most important thing to offer.“ – 

Lisa Kranebitter
Human Resources Manager at Pioneers


Thanks for reading!🙌

If you have more ideas or suggestions, please contact: michael.hettegger@craftworks.at
or if you want to work with us please check here .

Created by: Natalie Korotaeva
User Experience, Chatbots, Digitalisierung


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